Baltimore Love Chain

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For the Love of Baltimore

Born and raised in the air of Cherry Hill in Baltimore, MD, ChantelRenea is the founder, creative director and CEO of Loving Memory Bracelet. With the rise in violence and decline in communal harmony, ChantelRenea became inspired with the mission to create a value that would inspire community members with love and passion to right the city's wrong. 

Far from the ivory tower leader, ChantelRenea remained focused on the ground work, giving back and helping whenever she could. ChantelRenea is undeniably making her mark. Her passion is to create meaningful pieces that will impact the world. ChantelRenea has an artistic vision to exceed expectations and defeat all odds. She is also giving consumers a way to enter the charitable world by giving back to her community with their purchase. 

The question arose in her heart: how do you share a message among all people within a community in a meaningful way? Her answer: carry the message with you, wherever you go in your heart and on your wrist for the world to see. The Baltimore Love Chain bracelet emerged as ChantelRenea's testament and response to assist Baltimore's healing. With her team, not only does she seek to help rebuild her beloved city, but also to transform it into a place of prosperity. The bracelet is only the beginning.

A City in Need of Help

The City of Baltimore is in a constant state of emergency and the outlook appears bleak. Arrests are rampant, there is a general distrust of the police system, citizens are attacking each other, and the economic structure is crumbling. Looking at the totality of these issues, the city recorded at least 43 homicides within May of 2015. 

Can this be changed? Is there hope? Can we achieve peace? Where has the love gone? We have taken on this challenge to heal Baltimore with the introduction of the Baltimore Love Chain bracelet. 

Inspire Conversation of Change 

The bracelet is designed to inspire a sense of harmony and connect the community to end the violence. We recognize that a meeting of the minds is necessary for any change to prosper and take place. The bracelet's basic shape – a circle – and the links represent everyone's connection to the community and how each person's action has an impact on the whole. 

We created a platform where people can also share their personal stories and link the chain of love. With the right intention, every contributor helps support the city in its goal to not just eliminate the violence, but replace it with peace. The Baltimore Love Chain bracelet is a symbol and a representation of the idea that all of our influential peace leaders fought for harmony among people and abundance for all. 

Join us in the mission to recreate the world into an uplifting one, starting with Baltimore, one bracelet at a time.